Monday, 28 January 2013

28.1.2013 Memories of Australia xmas and NY

It is cold and nasty in England so I am going to delight us all with some reminiscences or our trip down under just 3 weeks ago now and show you

Lovely garden Nr. 1 PERTH  - AUSTRALIA

We spent Xmas till NewYear  in Australia - very hot - and lovely walk through King's Park and Botanic Garden in Perth. Abundance of wild flowers planted to delight the walkers who come up onto the hill

Looking from King's Park down onto Perth and the Swan River which are actually not on the sea but a bit inland

This plant is called something like 'Camels's Claw'

And this is a beautiful white blossomy tree, but what is it called I wonder?

And one more picture of the wild flowers, which apparently in spring are even more sensational 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year Resolution for 2013: This is the beginning of a year in which I will write many more blogs, even if no one reads will be a kind of dairy through the year. I always write one in my head as I hack or weed or sow. I will also post some photos of nice gardens I see or have seen just for the fun and because they are so moral-raising. In a an article about happiness the highest percentage of happy people in England are 'horticulturalists' and let's all keep that in mind after such a horried wet slugg-infested summer in 2012.