Thursday, 4 August 2011

This is John and Yuko. John boisterously flattens the land while Yuko carefully goes round the edges, neatening and perfecting after John.

Rose bed looking neat and presentable for croquet on the lawn.

Quactuar sniffing the roses.
Monday Cissy and I de-weeded the veg patches discovering a host of hidden salads choking in the pansies.

Nice little red berries climbing up the arches. I'd like to do a welding course and make some really sturdy arches myself.

Juicy artichokes

Juicy artichokes gone highland

Pear drops

Last year I said to myself if, 'if that pear tree doesn't make any pears next year again 
i'll pull it out.' It must have heard me as this year it's  produces plenty.

Borage Johnson taking over the garden

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Dark red nasturtium - by far the most beautiful of their species. The stems are small and the whole plant easier to control. It sits neat and I think looks more elegant around the centre pots.
Tom in the garden

Monday, 1 August 2011


Today Andrew cleared the back area of the annex. It used to have a flower bed, which makes no sense at all as it's dark and dingy, shadowed on one side by the house and outside loo and on the other side by a huge cherry tree. next we need to lay some paving stones.